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If you are looking for the best black fountain pen ink to go with your fountain pen, this article is for you.

As much as other colors may be appealing, black always wins us over. The color accents the writings with prominence and elegance. But it is not the easiest to find the right ink.

There are many alternatives to fountain pens like gel pens, rollerball pens or ballpoint pens, etc. But if you are a beginner or a fountain pen enthusiast, you would agree to the smoothness a fountain pen has. The best fountain pen deserves to be partnered with the best black fountain pen ink.

Most black inks are reviewed to stain your work and mess up the pen. This is where we come in. Our research will focus on bringing the best fountain pen black ink for you. Even though there were many to chose from, these ten picks below will narrow down your search.

Our assessment of the best black ink was targeted to achieve a certain criterion. This criterion will serve fit to be a buyer’s guide for you by the end of this article.

Here are our 10 picks for the best fountain pen black ink.

Best Black Fountain Pen Ink – Latest

Sailor Kiwa-Guro Pigmented Black Ink

Our first pick comes from the Japanese company Sailor. They have led the industry in stationery products, and this is one example. The Sailor Kiwa-Guro Pigmented Black ink is a great pick and here is why.

It is pigment-based ink makes it feather resistant and bleed free. The one factor to consider is the drying time. It takes up to 100 seconds to dry. When used, it gives a deep shine and saturated appeal to your writing.

But many users have reported minor smears after drying. This is why it is not fit for instant use and requires a certain drying time. This ink would not be considered fit for everyday use.

But if you are an occasional user, this pick would go great in your writer’s journey.

  • Fade Resistant
  • Great shine and saturated
  • Not suitable for daily use
  • Increased drying time


Noodler’s 4.5 Oz Heart of Darkness Ink

If you are looking for great quality with quick-dry ink, this option is for you. In our research for ink with greater compatibility and features, we came across the Noodler’s Heart of Darkness Ink.

This ink possesses a deeply saturated color with no shading. It is specially formulated in such a way that it is 100% waterproof and works on the majority of papers. This saves the trouble of purchasing high-quality paper to avoid ink bleed-through. The ink also is bleach and UV resistant.

It has a quick-dry mechanism of 5 seconds time. This makes it perfect for daily use. But, the ink is not suitable for pens with larger nibs. It would lead to feathering if used on such pens. This is why it is recommended to use pens with finer nibs.

  • 100% waterproof
  • Applicable on a wide variety of papers
  • Not suitable for pens with larger nibs


Platinum Carbon 60cc Ink

If you are looking for an elegant pick with quick-dry, this is the best pick for you. In most inks, there are noticeable sheens left off after use. The Platinum Carbon 60cc ink is the solution for that and here is why.

The ink is pigment-based with carbon particles. The carbon particles are formulated to settle the ink on any type of paper. The ink gives a deeply saturated texture with black strokes and is 100% waterproof.

Even though the carbon benefits the structure, it also can damage the feed channel. It is required that the pen must be cleaned thoroughly after use.

  • No shine or sheen
  • Quick dry time of 10 seconds
  • Constant pen maintenance


Aurora Bottle Ink 125-N Black 45ml

This pick is a simple choice in an affordable range. From the Aurora Store, comes a frequent choice. The Aurora bottle ink 125-N is a great solution for your ink needs.

This pick is more inclined towards basic needs. It is dye-based black ink, which is best for dip pens and fountain pens. It is not a high-end choice as it covers just basics.

It comes with a twist cap for quick refills and mess-free storage. Its glass body makes it adequate for storage and use. It is not water-resistant nor fast drying. But what makes this choice a pick is that sometimes users prefer basic options at a cost-effective range. Also, users have applauded its smooth ink flow during use and dark color appearance.

  • Smooth ink flow
  • Affordable
  • Can mess and stain your fingers


Kaweca Pearl Black Ink Bottle 30ml

If you are looking for a premium choice with great value, this is the pick for you. The company Kaweco is known for its multifunctional pens favored by all. The Kaweco Pearl Black Ink is our next pick and here is why.

This is premium imported German ink with an insane dry time of 3 seconds. This is why it is perfect for everyday and beginner use. The ink is tested to have no feathering and no bleed-through during writing.

Even with such an impressive feature, it has a mid-range price. The ink also has shown signs of partial shading. But for premium quality at such a price, this is still a better pick.

  • No feathering
  • Great for everyday use
  • Partial Shading


J. Herbin Pearle Noire Fountain Pen Ink

This next pick is all about the rich and lush color of black ink. This ink is a premium choice with great features. The J Herbin Pearle Noire is our next pick and here is why it is the best.

The water-based ink is non-toxic and pH neutral. It has many color variations, all made with natural dyes. The ink flows smoothly and dries fast.

Talking about the body and design. It has a durable rectangular shape with a flat bottom. This shape allows it to be used for pen rest. This feature works best for dip pens. This ink is simply a great mid-range choice with amazing features.

  • Non-toxic and pH neutral
  • Smooth flow of ink
  • Shaped to serve as pen rest
  • No drawbacks found


Waterman 50ml Intense Black Ink

If you are looking for a beginner’s choice with great affordability, this is for you. From the grand company “Waterman”, comes the Waterman 50ml Intense Black Ink. This is the best pick for novice and recreational writers and here is why.

It is dye-based ink, which means it is not waterproof. But it has extra wetness that is perfect for beginners. Its dry time is 30 seconds. The ink shows no shine or shimmer and has medium show through on paper. Even if the ink stains on carpets or shirts, it is washable.

Although it is intensely black, there is a small brown undertone shade in the ink. Even so, it proves to be excellent in quality. This series also includes a variety of color picks and has been reviewed as a favorite by its users.

  • Great for beginners
  • Washable and shimmer-free
  • Slightly brown shade


Lamy Black 50ml Ink With Blotting Paper

If you are looking for a price-friendly and simple choice of black ink, this is the best pick for you. In our research for the economic choice, we came across the Lamy Black 50ml ink. This ink is perfect for beginners and here is why.

This ink gives a matte black finish because of its water-based nature. Its body is shaped with a wide neck featuring a bloating paper roll for quick access. It also has a residue collecting basin. What makes it great for starters is its wetness.

The dry time is not good for left-handed writers as it would cause smudges and stain the hands. If you are a righty, it can serve the everyday use. One drawback to consider is that it is not saturated black and may give a slight grey shading. It is great to see such features, all under a great price range.

  • Cost effective choice
  • Comes with bloating paper roll
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Great value for money
  • Not suitable for left-handed users


Noodler’s Bulletproof Black

This next pick is the most reviewed, most peer-recommended choice out there. From the company Noodler that specializes in stationery, comes Noodler’s Bulletproof Black ink. This ink is 100% USA Made and here is how it outranks the rest.

This ink bottle is 90 ml. Other ink bottles come in 30 or 40 ml, so it is a great quantity offered. Do not let the name mislead you to start shooting at the bottle. Noodlers define the term ‘bulletproof’ as water and bleach resistant, lightfast, and archival quality.

The specially formulated ink makes a permanent bond, which becomes difficult to wash off. A few demerits to consider are that it dries slowly. It is not suitable for art purposes because some papers have reported blotchy prints. If you are looking to use the pen for daily use, it would be a good fit. Hence, its large quantity and quality make it great value for money.

  • Great quantity
  • Archival-quality
  • Value for money
  • Dries slowly
  • Difficult to wash


Pilot Iroshuziku Take-Sumi Fountain Pen Ink

If you are looking for a luxurious pick for a big price, this choice is for you. From the grand manufacturers of stationery, PILOT, comes the Pilot Iroshuziku Series. From this series, the ‘Take-Sumi’ or Bamboo Charcoal is our final pick for this list, and here is why.

It is a dye-based ink that is minimally water-resistant. It has an average drying time as compared to its other color options. It comes in a choice of the quantity of 50ml or 15ml bottles. If you plan to give it a start, it is best to start with 15ml bottles.

Being dye-based ink, it functions best with small nibs. Although it may seem like an expensive pick, it has great quantity, extra qualities, and is compatible with many papers.

  • Great quantity
  • Minimally water resistant
  • Compatible with many types of paper
  • Smooth ink flow
  • Slightly expensive


Guide Before You Buy The Best Black Fountain Pen Ink

This list was made with the aim of finding the best fountain pen with black ink. Each choice revolved around 3 major factors that should be considered before buying. For your ease, it is important to think of:

  1. The flow of ink. This decides whether the ink will be wet or dry. For users who prefer smoothness in writing, they should opt for wet inks. It is also important to know the flow of the fountain pens. To limit smudges and feathering, we can use a dry pen with wet ink.
  2. Saturation of ink. The saturation level tells us the color vibrancy. It depends on the look of ink after it dries. It is important to note that higher saturated ink takes a longer time to dry out. If you plan to use it for everyday use, then low saturation ink is your choice.
  3. Composition of ink. The composition of ink can be dye-based, or pigment-based. Dye-based ink is manageable for fountain pens and is made from aqueous particles. They are not preferred for everyday use due to slow drying. Pigment-based ink is waterproof and becomes a big mess to manage. This is why it is not suitable for everyday use.

A few companies invest in formulating their own kind of ink. We saw the ink product of Noodler, which had the wetness of dye-based ink but the waterproof nature of pigment-based ink.

It is important for you to assess your use and work frequency before you opt for such ink types. With these 3 points in mind, we are set to begin our writing journey.

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