Best Fountain Pen Ink for Cheap Paper


Writing on the best paper like Rhodia or tomoe with a fountain pen has its own charm. However, you don’t always get such quality of the paper. Therefore, you need to be prepared for any kind of situation. Being prepared means having a good quality fountain pen and the best fountain pen ink for cheap paper.

You don’t have to worry about anything because we have got you completely covered with our article. After doing in-depth research on the current market and analyzing a few fountain pen inks, we were able to make a list.

After reading our list of recommended ink, we hope you will be able to pick the right type of ink for your fountain pen and write like a pro even on cheap paper. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Best Fountain Pen Ink for Cheap Paper


The first one on our list of recommended options is the parker quink ink bottle. We have selected this due to multiple reasons. First of all, the ink is available in three different colors, which makes it excellent for everyone.

Whether you need blue ink for your fountain pen, black, or a combination of Blue-black ink, Parker has a solution for you. Apart from that, the ink comes in cool packaging, which includes a cardboard box. As you open the cardboard box, you will find an elegant inkpot full of ink with your desired color.

The quality of the bottle is of the next level. It consists of a high-quality glass that does not react with the ink and keeps it usable for an extended duration. Moreover, the glass bottle has a wider base and a tightly sealed lid. It helps to keep the ink secured and prevents it from spilling.

In addition to this, the quality of the ink is also quite fantastic. It consists of a quick-drying structure that includes pigments and carbon, which attaches to the paper as soon as it gets in contact. This is quite an excellent feature because it makes the ink look amazing on any kind of paper, whether you are writing on a cheaper one or a high-quality paper.

Apart from that, the manufacturer has added some lubricity to the ink. It allows the ink to flow smoothly without any issue and lets you write flawlessly without any interruption. Moreover, this ink is free from acids and chemicals that alter its pH values.

Such a formula allows it to be very paper-friendly and helps to prevent bleeding and smearing. The ink is also waterproof, which is both good and bad at the same time. The waterproof design of the ink allows your writing to stay on paper in any kind of situation.

At the same time, it makes the pen cleaning process cumbersome, and you will have to struggle a lot if you are a complete beginner.

  • High-quality bottle
  • The lid of the bottle is perfectly secured.
  • The ink flows smoothly.
  • It dries quickly
  • It is very easy to refill
  • Fades away with time.


Waterman 50ml Ink Bottle for Fountain Pens

The next option on our list of recommendations is Waterman. It is also one of the finest quality ink for fountain pens that can work perfectly on cheaper quality papers. This ink is available in different tones that allow you to select the right color according to your needs.

In addition to this, it comes in pretty amazing packaging, which makes it an interesting choice. You can even give it as a present to your kids or college, and they will love it. The ink comes with a very good quality inkpot that features an elegant design. It looks perfect on the work desk.

Moreover, the pot has a narrow opening and a wider base, which helps prevent the ink’s accidental spilling. In addition to this, it has deeper threads that help close the pot’s lid securely. You can refill both vintage and modern fountain pens from such a pot very easily.

If we talk about the ink quality, it is also quite fantastic. The waterman possesses brilliant colors, which give it a splendid look when you are writing on paper. It is a dye-based ink that is free from any toxic ingredients and acids.

Its neutral pH level allows it to be one of the top-performing ink even for a cheaper quality paper. Moreover, it dries quickly, which is another positive point of this remarkable ink. It is also water-resistant that helps to protect it from washing off.

When it comes to the tone of the ink, you will find it has a super bright color that looks amazing on the paper. Filling the pen from the pot is extremely easy, and even a newbie can do the job without any issue.

However, it may take a few turns to master the art of spill-free refilling at first. Once you figure the right way, you won’t have any issue while refilling the pen. Lastly, the manufacturer has done an amazing job by adding some lubricant to the ink that allows it to flow smoothly.

  • Faster drying
  • Long-lasting results
  • Less bleeding and feathering issues
  • Highly affordable choice
  • Available in different colors
  • The black color isn’t that intense.


PILOT Iroshizuku Bottled Fountain Pen Ink

If you are looking for the best fountain pen for cheap paper, then consider the Pilot Iroshizuki fountain pen ink. It is available in a super-wide range of different colors that make it an excellent choice if you are looking for some specific colored ink.

Apart from that, the ink comes in a cool-looking inkpot that possesses a remarkable crystal clear structure. The bottle quality is of the next level. It features a plan shape that makes refilling easy.

Although it doesn’t have any fancy groves and things, it still looks nice and fine on the desk. Moreover, if we talk about the ink quality, you will be totally amazed. Just as we mentioned earlier, this ink is available in many colors, and each color has its name derived from Japanese landscapes.

Each ink has a deep color that will make your writing stand out on white paper. The ink formula is free from toxins and other harsh chemicals that make it extremely friendly, even for low-quality paper. You won’t have any issues at all while writing your notes, school and college work, or office work.

Apart from that, the ink features a quick-drying nature that makes it different from the rest of the market. As soon as you write something on the paper, it will dry in a few seconds, which makes it easy to write with, even when you are a beginner.

In addition to this, the Pilot Iroshizuku ink has a neutral pH value and acid-free formula that makes it quite interesting.

No matter what kind of paper you are writing on, you will see only the slightest bleeding and feathering. Moreover, if you are looking for other stationery products, you can also count on Pilot for these too.

  • Available in different colors
  • It comes in a cool looking bottle
  • Highly reliable brand
  • Not very affordable


Rohrer & Klingner 50 ml Bottle Fountain Pen Ink

Rohrer and Klinger is another decent option if you are looking for the best fountain pen ink for cheap paper. There are a few things about this ink that you need to know. The first and the most important thing is the packaging of the ink.

It comes in a fantastic bottle that has a tall structure which makes refilling easier. Apart from that, the ink comes in so many different colors which give you an option to choose according to your needs. Each ink has a vibrant color and looks fantastic on any kind of paper.

Whether you are writing on Rhodeo or a cheap paper you will get the same results which makes it quite interesting. In addition to this, it is not only limited to fountain pens only but can also work efficiently with quills and other calligraphy instruments.

Such a composition makes the ink unique from the market. Apart from that, the ink consists of high-quality ingredients which include pigments and carbon. As soon as it reaches the paper, it dries quickly which makes it quite easy to work with.

Moreover, it has a neutral pH level and acid-free composition which gives it an edge over other ink available on the market. These two are the main features that a quality ink should have. It makes the ink highly reliable and suitable for any kind of paper.

Even if you are working with a cheap quality paper you shouldn’t face any issues like bleeding on the other size or feathering. Moreover, the company is working for a long time and they are known for their composition.

The ink is super smooth and flows easily which allows the writing to be fluent and uninterrupted. In addition to this, the ink is waterproof and stays for a longer duration without fading. It intensifies when comes in contact with air as the air particles help it to oxidize.

  • Formal looking
  • Quickly drying
  • Easy to remove from fingers
  • You may sometimes face feathering a bit


J. Herbin Fountain Pen Ink 30Ml Violette Pensee

J Herbin is another popular brand to consider when you are looking for the best fountain pen ink for cheap paper. It is also available in a huge variety of colors that makes it quite an interesting option. The availability of ink in different colors makes it suitable for everyone.

Whether you are a student or an office worker you can get the right color ink for your needs. in addition to this, the ink comes in a high-quality bottle which has a kind of square-ish shape. The bottle looks fantastic, it may not be very fancy but the minimal design gives it a splendid look.

Moreover, it is perfectly sealed which prevents the accidental spilling of the ink. In addition to this, the bottle has deep threads that keep the lid tight and secured all the time. The best thing about this ink is its non-toxic and neutral pH formation.

It is water-based ink which makes it super smooth and easy to write with. It flows smoothly and dries faster than you may even think. Such features make it a perfect option for beginners. Due to these features, the ink is highly suitable for any kind of paper as well.

You won’t see any bleeding or feathering issues. Well, that doesn’t mean you won’t even see them. There will be slightly bleeding sometimes, especially on low-quality paper but not that much. It will make your writing stand out and allow it to look fantastic.

This ink is also compatible with different pens which include Pilot, Lamy, and some others. The next thing that we love the most about this ink is that it is affordable. Whether you are a student or an office worker, you can easily afford it without any issue at all.

  • Highly affordable
  • Less bleeding
  • Perfect colors
  • Easy refilling
  • Sometimes bleeds through the paper


Last Minute Thoughts

Writing with a fountain pen might not be easy for beginners. Apart from knowing how to use your pen you need to know a few other things. Another challenging task for beginners and professional writers is writing on cheap paper.

Everyone can write on a good quality paper though. However, when it gets to writing on a low or medium-quality paper some people just give up. It is because the ink may bleed through the paper or sometimes, it feathers which may cause a lot of troubles for the writer.

However, if you have the best fountain pen ink for the cheap quality paper then you shouldn’t worry too much. After reading our article, we hope you will have made your choice. If you are still struggling with making the right choice then let us help you a bit.

In our opinion, the Pilot Iroshizuku can be the best overall option due to the vibrant color of the ink and some other features. It may be a little bit expensive but when it comes to performance you will be completely amazed.

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