Best Loose Leaf Paper for Fountain Pens in 2022


If you are a fountain pen user looking for a great paper choice, this article is for you. Normally, when using ink pens, we come across the concern of ink bleeding or spreading. In this situation, the pen is not the only one to blame. Users tend to overlook the quality of paper when scribing with an ink pen.

When it comes to writing with ink pens, the paper used is a bigger concern. We cannot ignore the importance of fountain pens as they have given beginners the first step in writing. What we can do is look over the paper options and that is where we come in.

Choosing the best paper can be helpful in many ways. Instead of tearing apart pages of the journal, loose sheets of paper can be disposed. When storing notes, writing letters, or stacking up pages for binders, the paper option would be better.

Many people find it relaxing to write with a fountain pen. Therefore, one should not be taken away from that joy. Our research will help you look for sheets that have quick absorption, good quality, and not a hassle to manage.

Stay tuned till the end to read the buyer’s guide that can help you in choosing. Let’s jump in with our 9 picks for the best loose leaf paper for fountain pens.

9 Best Loose Leaf Paper for Fountain Pens

1.  Rhodia Head Stapled Pad

If you are looking for a choice with great variety and quality, this is the best pick for you. This pick comes from the company Rhodia. Although their portfolio is all about notebooks and pads, it is their quality that wins us over. The Rhodia Head Stapled Pad is just one example and here is why.

The pad comes in a wide variety of sizes like A4, A5, A6, etc., styles like gridded, ruled margins, etc., and colors like black, orange, and white. The paper within is Clairefontaine 80g acid-free, pH neutral high-grade vellum paper. This quality of the paper is perfect for sketch artists, graphic designers, calligraphy experts, creative designers, etc.

Although it is a pad, the pages are easily detachable as they are micro-perforated. For its price range, it is a great pick and users have reported positive results.

  • Great Variety in color, size, and style
  • Perfect for artists and designers
  • No drawbacks found


2.  Strathmore 300068

If you are looking to get more commercial use of paper, this next pick is for you. Whether it is company paperwork or domestic use, there should be no compromise on quality. The Strathmore 300068 Business Stationary paper is here to provide that.

The papers are 24lbs/80gsm made of 25% cotton fiber and a beautiful luxurious woven finish. Each ream of paper has 500 sheets, having carbon neutral make. It is also produced acid-free for archival purposes and it comes with a matching envelope as an added feature.

There is no concern of shading or sheening as the papers are not coated but are absorbent. One demerit in the making is that each paper is watermarked. To domestic users, that can be tolerable but for companies, it can be of concern. Even some frequent users can get distracted by the watermark during use. However, this product is still a great choice for its quality.

  • Carbon Neutral make of paper
  • Good quantity and quality
  • Matching envelopes included
  • Watermark over paper
  • Some users reported damaged package on delivery


3.  Tomoe River FP

This next pick is also a professional choice and a strong contender in quality. This company is popular for its premium quality pads and notebooks featuring all necessary solutions. The Tomoe River FP is our pick for the best and here is why.

This loose-leaf paper is super lightweight at 52 gsm. It is double-sided coated to ensure all ink pens run swiftly and smoothly on paper. It is coating also allows it to be feathering and bleeding resistant. Each ream comes with 100 sheets, ample enough for a single purchase.

Talking about variety, it comes in different sizes, styles, and colors. The paper is manufactured and imported from Japan. This quality of the paper is renowned for its velvety smooth texture and ensures high-quality work. The paper quality can be crowned as “premium” and “artist-grade” paper.

  • Superb Quality
  • Good quantity in one ream
  • Double-sided coated
  • Too much thin paper can be problematic to manage


4.  HP Premium24 LaserJet Paper

If you are looking for an economical option, this pick is for you. Amongst many fancy choices flashing big prices, we direct our research to more budget-friendly options. That is where we were awestruck by the HP Premium24 LaserJet Paper and here is why.

This is the ultimate cost-effective solution providing stronger quality than simple copy paper. The paper is medium weight, about 24lbs, and possesses a super smooth surface. For printing purposes, it gives full-color high-quality print and is a premium office choice to have. Each ream comes with 500 sheets, making it perfect in quantity vs. price comparison.

The papers feature a Colorlok Technology that enhances vivid colors in printing. One con to notice is how the paper becomes slippery to write on. Nonetheless, it is a great cost-friendly option with better paper quality.

  • Economical option
  • ColorLok Technology
  • Great quantity
  • Slip in writing


5.  Maruman MNEMOSYNE Notebook

This next pick is a durable, ultra-smooth paper choice for users. The company Maruman is almost a 100-year-old leading paper converter from Japan. One of their most popular notebooks, the Maruman Mnemosyne notebook, is our pick for the best loose leaf paper, and here is why.

The notebook consists of 80 micro perforated white papers. Each paper possesses just the right thickness for extra durability, minimal ghosting, and bleed-through quality. The paper’s ultra-smooth nature allows users to glide through the page with their calligraphy, sketching, or basic writings.

The only demerit reported by users was in the cover of the notebook, not the paper quality. Although it does not concern us much, it is worthy to note that the hardcover, as labeled, is plastic make. Some notebook users, who write in improper places or write without desks would face issues.  But if you are in it for the paper, this is the pick to go for.

  • Ultra-smooth quality
  • Ample quantity in one notebook
  • Notebook cover is advertised wrong


6.  Apica Premium C.D. Notebook

This pick is surely the most sophisticated one of the bunches. It is so because of its richly designed covers and top-notch paper quality. From the company Apica, comes the Apica Premium C.D. Notebook.

Talking about the design, it is packed with silky smooth papers and an intensely detailed cover. The notebook features thread binding which gives it an antique and interesting look. It also eases in detaching the papers. Each book has 192 pages, and the sheet style varies from choice.

In different varieties, it appeals to the user’s needs. It gives the writing experience a more magical look, which makes it perfect for writers and artists. The paper quality fits perfectly for all sorts of pens and is a great pick amidst all.

  • Thread binding for ease in detaching
  • Perfect quality for fountain pens
  • No drawbacks found


7.  Rhodia Dot Pad

This part may sound like de-ja-vu since we had reviewed a writing pad from Rhodia earlier. Our research led us to their dot pad simply because of its appeal to different kinds of users. For such a writer base, we decided to make this a separate pick and talk about the Rhodia Black Dot Pad.

The Rhodia Dot Pad possesses the design qualities to appeal to creative professionals, graphic designers, architects, and sketch artists. The paper features a light grey geometric dot matrix. The dots are made in such a way that they are invisible when xeroxed or scanned.

The pad features two signature colors: orange and black. Other than that, it features the traditional Rhodia paper which is 80g acid-free and pH neutral. It also has a stiff back cover for ease in writing. Whether you are an artist tracing sketch or looking to have a go-to pad, this dot pad is a great pick to go for.

  • Dots serve as guides and are invisible when xeroxed or scanned
  • High-quality Rhodia papers
  • Cover becomes stuffed up after frequent use


8.  Midori MD Notebook

If you are looking for a simple, clean, and minimalist look in design, this is a great pick to go for. The company Midori, from Japan, has gone all out in making the best loose leaf paper one could imagine. The Midori MD Notebook is the must-have in terms of quality and design and here is why.

This notebook features design choices of blank, lined, or gridded. Perhaps the most amazing feature is no cover. It simply has a mesh that allows ease in opening and closing, offering 180-degree binding ability. Its thread binding makes the page robust and easy to access.

To accent its design, it has a string attached to the spine for bookmarking purposes. Because of no cover, the book comes wrapped in paraffin paper. It is smooth, simple, and can be used for other books of the house as well. Its paper quality gives a pleasing texture and is a great pick to own.

  • Thread binding allows 180-degree opening
  • High-quality paper
  • Minimalist and simple design
  • Not much smooth paper


9.  Clairefontaine Triomphe Stationery

If you are looking for a thick paper choice, this is the one to go with. In our research, we found out thick paper has more applications in printing and is a more durable choice. That is where the Clairefontaine Triomphe stationary won our hearts and here is why.

The paper thickness is 120gsm, making it a great choice for printing documents and images. These are the same manufacturers for Rhodia pads and notebooks, hence a lot of traits will match. Traits like acid-free, pH neutral paper are common except for the thickness. It comes with a cardstock cover, also fit for long use.

It also has an easily removable option for loose-leaf paper functionality. The paper is highly absorbent and works for all sorts of pens, be it fountain pens or markers. It has a slight stellar appearance which does not give it a good look. It is still a good choice if durability is your priority.

  • 120 gsm paper
  • Acid-free pH Neutral
  • Easily detachable
  • No drawbacks were found.


Buyer’s Guide

When choosing the best loose leaf paper for fountain pens, these are the following factors that you have to consider:

  • It is firstly, paper color, that needs to be checked. White color is a solid standard but cream color is also widely popular. For formal spaces, white is preferred and for personal use, the cream is a much better choice
  • The feathering on paper is very important, especially if you are using fountain pens. Low-quality pages will spread the ink, giving it a sloppy writing experience. Therefore, high-quality paper means no feathering.
  • It should be crystal clear to opt for a paper that has no bleed through or show through of ink when being used.
  • The dry time of ink on paper is also important to consider for fountain pens.
  • Sheet style like blank, gridded, or dotted should be assessed by desired use.
  • The smoothness of paper is a personal choice so that we can pen our thoughts freely
  • Price can be a concern based on the quantity of use and workload. This is where you would want to have a greater quantity for a better price.

Final Thoughts

As we close with our search for the best loose leaf paper for fountain pens, it is important to assess all parameters of quality before making the purchase. It is also important to assess your reason for use and that will help pave your journey in writing quite nicely.

Even at this point, you have the option to go for personal preference but even then, the buyer guide should be in mind, when buying. After you have chosen the best, you are on the road to a great hassle-free writer journey.

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