Dryden Fountain Pen Review – Everything Explained


If you have just started writing with fountain pens, then you need to select the right one for your needs. In order to help you choose the right one, we wrote a review on the Dryden fountain pen. This review will prove helpful to all those people who are looking for a Dryden fountain pen review.

It is because we have explained it from different angles that will help you know it better. As a result, you will also be able to decide whether it is the right choice for your needs or not.  So without any further ado, let’s not waste any more time and jump straight into our Dryden fountain pen review.

Dryden Fountain Pen Review

Here are some of the most critical points that will help you know the pen a bit better and make the right decision.

  • Affordable price range
  • Excellent design
  • Awesome writing experience
  • Fingerprints are left on the body.


Remarkable Packaging

The first thing that we would like to talk about is the quality of its packaging. The pen comes in an excellent quality black box that looks amazing. From the looks of the box, it makes the pen quite a decent choice for a gift.

Apart from that, the box of the pen is very sturdy, which helps in providing protection to the pen. Inside the box, you will find two pens, which cost slightly more than a single pen. Overall the box quality is quite fantastic and can easily beat some of its competitors.

Excellent Build Quality

Let’s take a closer look at the overall structure of the pen. It features a super excellent quality structure that makes it stand out from the crowd. Dryden pen consists of stainless steel, which helps it in lasting for an extended period.

You can use this pen for years, and it won’t lose its quality ever. The metallic design enhances its overall beauty and makes a perfect option for a gift. The shiny body of the pen reflects the enthusiasm of the manufacturer.

Whether you are a student or a pro journalist, it can be an excellent choice. Apart from a superb design, it has a very decent length suitable for people with larger hands. This is an essential thing to keep in mind because most people aren’t comfortable writing with shorter pens.

It is also shatterproof, making it an excellent choice if you want to use it for an extended duration. It will serve you the best of its quality due to its remarkable build quality and perfect finishing.

High-Quality Cap

The Dryden fountain pen comes with a high-quality cap that adds to its beauty. It also consists of stainless steel, just like the rest of its body. Apart from that, it features a snapping mechanism, which helps in quickly removing the cap.

However, you should know that snapping caps have a drawback, and that is accidentally opening. This can sometimes be dangerous because the ink can drop on tabletops, furniture, and other items.

Apart from that, there are no such issues that make this pen a wrong choice. The cap also possesses a sturdy clip that attaches to your pocket like a pro. It attaches firmly and keeps the pen inside the pocket, and prevents accidental dropping of the pen.

Perfect Grip for Pros

As soon as you remove the cap from the pen, there will be a solid portion. It serves as the grip of the pen. You can hold the pen from that place, and it will rest in your palm firmly without any issue.

There is a little golden strip between the grip and the top part of the pen that makes it look even more beautiful. There aren’t any triangular designs like some other pens on the market that may not provide that much control over the pen.

However, if you hold it firmly and practice regularly with it, you won’t have any issues. However, for most beginners, this might take a little while to get used to. Apart from that, the grip of the pen isn’t transparent or translucent like the pilot kakuno. It means you won’t be able to keep track of your ink inside the pen.

Excellent Quality Nib

When it comes to the nib, the Dryden fountain pen is an excellent choice for most people who love smoother and fine lines. The pen’s ultra-narrow tip provides a pleasurable and soothing sensation as you start writing with it.

Moreover, you don’t have to apply too much pressure in order to start writing with a pen. The nib has nice and descent paths for the ink flow. Such a nib design will never clog while you are writing with it.

However, if you ever face a clogging issue, you shouldn’t worry because the pen is super easy to clean. All you need to do is to fill it with some clean water and then empty it. You need to repeat this process a few times, and your pen will be back like a new one.

Comes with a High-Quality Converter

Unlike some other fountain pens that you may purchase with some stock cartridges, the Dryden pens come with converters. These aren’t the cheaper quality converters that make this pen an excellent deal for most people.

In our opinion, converters are good and easy to fill, which means the fountain pen writing is less cumbersome than the cartridges. Overall the Dryden fountain pen has no flaws and seems to be a decent option for many people.

Last Minute Thoughts

After a bit of digging and checking the pen from different angles, we could write the Dryden fountain pen review. We tried our best to make this article as helpful as possible; therefore, we have mentioned every aspect of the pen.

After reading this article, you will understand the pen and decide whether it will be good or bad for your style. In our opinion, the Dryden fountain pen is quite an interesting one because of its premium quality design and affordable price range.

It has an excellent nib, which helps you to write better without any issue. Apart from that, the pen works efficiently even after years of usage, making it a decent choice. Are you looking for more fountain pen reviews? You might also interested to look for this article.

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