How to Clean a Fountain Pen – Step by Step Guide


Writing with a fountain pen is undoubtedly a fantastic experience. However, you should know how to clean a fountain pen. Well, if you don’t, then don’t worry because we are going to tell you how to do it in a step-by-step way.

Unlike ballpoint pens, fountain pens are reusable because you can refill them with ink whenever you need to. Since you will be using them for an extended duration, you need to take proper care of them to keep them in the right working conditions.

Below is a step-by-step tutorial on how you can clean a fountain pen. Even if you are a beginner and this is your first time, you will easily clean your pen after reading this article.

Without any further ado, let’s see how to clean a fountain pen.

How to Clean a Fountain Pen Properly

Removing the Cartridge or Converter

The first thing to do before cleaning the pen is to remove the cartridge or converter. You need to make sure that it is empty and there is not even a drop of ink inside; if you don’t, then prepare to get your hands and your place dirty with ink.

Removing the converter or cartridge is an easy task. You need to unscrew it from the body, and it will be removed without any issue. Once you have successfully removed this section, you can move on to the next step.

Removing the Nib

After the first step, you will need to remove the nib from the pen. This step is not necessary if your pen isn’t that old. However, removing the nib section will allow you to do an in-depth cleaning.

This step is also necessary for older pens because it helps remove the clogged ink between the feed and the nib.

Holding the Nib Section Under Tap Water

The next step is holding your pen under clean running water. You can do this in your washroom or right under the kitchen faucet. Make sure that the water is running with full pressure. It will help clean the feed and the nib section.

If there is any dry ink, it will be removed, and the openings should get cleaned. For best results, we recommend taking an old toothbrush and rubbing the ink gently.

Soaking the Nib section in clean water

Sometimes holding the nib of the pen under running water is not enough. But don’t worry because this step will help you get rid of the dried ink as well. You need to put the nib section of the pen in a glass of clean water.

Once you put it there, leave it for like 30 minutes. The water inside the glass will soften the dried ink, and it will eventually dissolve it. Replace the water once it gets highly saturated with ink and keep the pen once again.

Repeat this process until the water remains clean. This will ensure that there is no dry ink remaining and your nib section is clean as crystal. Once you think there is no need to put the pen inside the water anymore, put it in a dry cloth.

The cloth with soak all the water and will help to dry the pen. However, we are not done yet. There are still a few more steps to follow. So keep on reading carefully.

Cleaning the Converter/Cartridge

Once the ink section is dry, put it back and make sure the converter is installed this time. Now dip it in clean water as if you are filling it with ink. Once the pen is filled with water, remove the water and repeat the process.

After doing it 5 to 6 times, the ink inside the converter will be washed away. It will help cleaning the dried ink as well. After that empty, the pen completely and remove the converter. Disassemble the pen fully and let it in a dry place.

After some time, it will be dry and ready to use. You can fill it with high-quality ink and use it for writing on paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions when cleaning a fountain pen. We have tried our best to answer these questions with detailed answers to let you know better about your pen. We hope you won’t need any other guide if you follow our instructions to the letter.

What is the best way to clean a fountain pen?

The best and the way to clean a fountain pen is by unscrewing the cap and holding the pen under running tap water. It will wash away all the ink and help cleaning the pen. This is also the easiest way to clean the pen.

However, it may not work for everyone, especially if your pen is clogged due to dried ink. You will need to follow the proper procedure to clean the pen completely.

How do you remove dried ink from a fountain pen?

The best technique to remove dried ink and unclog a fountain pen is warm water. You can either hold it under hot water or soak it in a cup of water. In either case, the dry ink will be removed and will be good to go.

How often should I clean my fountain pen?

It depends on how much you use your pen. However, according to our research and info collected from multiple sources, it would be best if you clean your pen every 4 to 8 weeks.

Final Words

Every fountain pen user must know how to clean a fountain pen properly. We tried our best to break it down as easily as we could. As a result, we were able to write an easy tutorial on cleaning the fountain pen.

After reading this article, you should be able to clean your pen without any issue at all. It might be easier than you think; all you need is a step-by-step tutorial. Apart from that, you don’t need any fancy chemicals for washing the pen as well, just plain water.

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