Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Review – (2022 Guide)


Are you confused about figuring out which pen to buy? If yes, then don’t worry, as we have got you covered with our detailed Lamy safari fountain pen review. After reading this article, you will have a sound idea about this pen.

It will also help you decide whether it will be the right choice for your needs or not. So without any further ado and wasting any more time, let’s see the Lamy safari fountain pen from different angles.

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Review

No doubt the Lamy safari fountain pen is one of the finest quality pens out there. However, there are still some pros and cons to this pen, due to which it may not be the right choice for everyone. We will discuss both the downsides and the bright sides of this pen.

We assure you that this article will help you know this pen from every angle. It will let you decide whether you need this pen or choose something different.

Things That We Like
  • The Expense
  • A Piston Converter
  • Body Shape
  • Modern and Elegant
  • The Window
  • Smooth Operator
  • The Pen Clip
Things That We Don’t Like
  • Plastic Barrel
  • Smallish Reservoir
  • Messy Refills
  • Not a Flex Nib
  • Plastic Barrel
  • Smallish Reservoir
  • Messy Refills
  • Not a Flex Nib


A Short Intro to the Pen

Although this may not be very necessary for some people, we understand that everyone is busy these days. However, it is still much better to know a little bit about the pen you are using daily.

“Yousuf Lami” founded Lami company in 1939 with a German name, meaning Fountain fabrication Company. Right after the establishment of the company, the second world war started.

We can imagine that the company had to go through a lot, but it managed to survive that tough time. After quite a bit of struggle, the company introduced its Lamy Safari in 1984. This was when the company started to take off, and their fountain pens are trendy in different parts of the world now.

We hope that would be enough for the basic history of the pen. Let’s start the actual review of the pen that may help you know it from every angle.

The Packaging

Before taking a look at the pen, you need to know about the Lamy Safari fountain pen’s packaging. It comes in a weird type box with holes in it as if it was cut with a saw.

These holes give a window-ish look that makes it cool and weird looking at the same time. Apart from that, there is a decent sleeve inside the box with the Lamy Safari fountain pen attached to it.

Stainless Steel Nib

Starting the review of Lamy safari from the nib of the pen. It is because we consider this as an essential part of any fountain pen. Speaking of the Lama Safari, it comes with a stainless steel nib that makes it stand out from the crowd.

The nib has Lamy Branding at the front side, which gives a kind of cool-looking vibe. The manufacturer has done a splendid job by adding the nib professionally to the pen. It has its wings wrapped around the feed giving it an extra cover.

The feed itself sits inside the grip section and is friction fit to make it secured. However, we noticed on the Lamy Safari fountain pen that the nib isn’t designed to be removed. You can remove it, of course, but putting it back would be a nightmare.

Solid grip

If we talk about the grip of the pen, it is perfect. It has got a plastic grip which fits perfectly in your hand and gives a comfortable sensation. The grip features the same color as the body, which makes it very uniform.

The best thing is it is available in different colors, giving you the freedom to choose the one you like. Overall it has a triangular top and a rounded curved bottom. It makes holding the pen very easy, and you won’t have any issues while writing with it.

There are threads right after the curved bottom ring, and these threads screw into the body’s interior.

Plastic Body

Let’s take a closer look at the body of the pen. It comes in a plastic design that may not look very sturdy, but looks can be deceiving sometimes. This pen features a very sturdy design that tends to last for an extended duration.

Apart from that, it has a nice-looking ink window that is a bit exposed. You need to be careful about it because it is a bit exposed. It means if you drop the pen accidentally, then there is actually a high chance of leaking the ink.

There is also a Lamy block letter engraving that gives it an additional good look. The next thing is the bottom part of the pen. The bottom part of the pen is unified one piece, making it a splendid pen for prolonged usage.

Cap of the Pen

The cap of the pen has a finial, which gives a fantastic black Philip screw-ish look. The overall cap has a single-piece structure that continues the uniformity of the design. The cap also features a very good quality clip that lets you put the pen firmly in your pocket.

It attaches to your pocket and secures the pen correctly. In addition to this, the cap possesses a screw mechanism, which means there won’t be any accidental ink stains in your pocket.

According to the manufacturer, the cap can be screwed and unscrewed about 5 million times. This number actually represents that this pen is built to last years without any issue at all.

Last Minute Thoughts

Every writer has his or her taste when writing with pens; some people like to write with Gel pens, while some are fond of fountain pens. However, the Lamy Safari stands high if we talk about the fountain pens.

We research and make a Lamy Safari Fountain Pen review, and after quite a bit of digging, we noticed that it could beat a few competitors on the market. This pen features a solid design that doesn’t look overly fancy, to be honest. However, it is clean, simple, and elegant.

Most importantly, the build quality of the Lama Safari is of the next level. These points make it a perfect option for students, journalists, and other people who love writing. Now, if you decided to get it and want to get the best loose-leaf paper for a fountain pen, you may want to check this link.



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