Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen Review (Everything you need to know)


Do you want to know the Pilot Kakuno fountain pen a bit more? Are you looking for a detailed Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen Review? If the answer to both these questions is yes, then you are precisely in the right place.

We know selecting your fountain pen can be a difficult task sometimes. It is because there are so many pens available on the market. And choosing the right one may take some time and testing.

Luckily you don’t have to do all the stuff because we have got you covered with our article. After in-depth research and careful analysis about the Pilot Kakuno, we have listed some of its main points. Our goal is to shed light on the pen from different angles and help you decide whether it will be the right option or not.

Without wasting any more time, let’s take a closer look at the pen and some of its features.

Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen Review

  • Highly affordable
  • Super smooth Nib
  • Fine line
  • Allows you to see the ink
  • Compatible with converters
  • A bit childish styling
  • It lacks a clip on the cap.


Packaging of the Pen

First of all, let’s talk about the packaging of this pen. It comes in plastic packaging that isn’t very sturdy as compared to those boxed type packagings. However, it isn’t a big issue if you compare it to the price of the pen.

Inside the packaging, you will see an extra refill and the pen itself. Apart from that, there are instructions printed right at the backside of the box. These instructions are in Japanese; therefore, most people may not be able to read and understand them.

Having that said, some graphic illustrations may help you get a rough idea about some of the specs. You can see these illustrations if you want to know quickly about the pen, but that’s unnecessary, especially when you already buy it.

Overall Structure

The pen consists of a plastic body, but it isn’t a regular quality plastic. It is durable and suitable for prolonged usage. The overall structure of the pen is okay though it isn’t the most stylish pen out there.

Honestly speaking, the pen’s design is a bit childish, which seems perfect for college students. However, when it comes to writing quality, this pen leaves a lot of its competitors behind.

Pilot Kakuno Cap

The cap of the pilot kakuno is slightly different from the rest because it features a clipping mechanism instead of the screw one. This may not please some writers because the clipping mechanism is risky, especially when you accidentally drop the pen.

Apart from that, the pen has no clip, which means you won’t be able to put it firmly in your pocket. However, when it comes to the cap’s build quality, there is no issue at all. There is a little point at the end of the cap that helps to prevent the rolling.

Overall the cap is excellent, but if you are a journalist and looking for a pen that stays firmly in your pocket. Then this might not be a good option for you. However, it wouldn’t be a wise idea to leave a pen just because it has no clip to put in your pocket.

Lastly, you should know that both the body and cap of the gun have holes in them. Therefore, if you are thinking of converting it to an eyedropper, this might not work well.

Grip Design

The most important thing about any fountain pen is its grip. If you can hold your pen comfortably, then there is nothing that can stop you. Ideally, fountain pens are easier to write with because you don’t have to apply too much pressure while writing.

However, a solid grip on the pen is still a necessary thing that you should be looking for. Luckily the Pilot kakuno comes with a good quality grip that provides a comfortable experience to the writer. The triangular design of the pen makes it very easy to hold.

Due to its symmetric design, you will have maximum traction, which makes it easy to hold. It has a translucent section that lets you see the ink flowing to the feed. This may not be a beneficial feature, but it is still something that you may want to know.

Nib Design

The nib of the pen consists of a stainless steel design that helps the pen stay in good condition for an extended time. Apart from that, a cool-looking smiling face is printed on the nib representing the Kakuno branding.

The feed of the pen consists of high-quality plastic that lies right beneath the nib. Apart from that, the nib is reasonably stiff and gives a pleasurable sensation while writing with it. The best thing is, you don’t need to apply that much pressure because the pen starts writing without any issue.

Ink Cartridge

The ink cartridge is actually quite impressive and relatively easy to load. However, there is one more thing that we want to mention. The pen is compatible with converters, which means you can add those con50 and con40 converters whenever you want.

Having that said, the stock cartridge is a bit small, which means a slight bit of low capacity. But in general, that’s not an issue because you can always load it back as long as there is ink. In our opinion, the con50 converters are quite easy to use and fill the pen.

Final Thoughts

Selecting a fountain pen isn’t an easy task at all. You will have to do a lot of research in order to find some good ones for your style. We thought most people would be looking for the Pilot Kakuno fountain pen review.

Though it isn’t an expensive pen to buy still, it is better to know the pen in detail before making the final purchase. In our opinion, this pen is superb for students because of its design. Additionally, this can also be considered as one of the beginner’s fountain pen. However, some people may not like it.

This is because the pen lacks a clip on the cap, which usually works to hold the pen in your pocket. Apart from that, the pen is compatible with converters, which makes then relatively easy to fill.

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